Monday, November 15, 2010

Moving toward a better future -

Forbes Magazine Publisher Rich Karlgaard did a great “Entrepreneurial Excellence Presentation

comparing our current environment from others in the past. He pointed out how from the “ashes” we

always have new “diamonds” and all we need is creativity and guts to improve, never give up when it
would be so easy to.

Today, there are indicators that point to a more positive future, such as global economic growth and
strong balance sheets for U.S. companies. Consequently, it’s a good time for individuals and
organizations to position themselves for the turnaround by exploring fresh approaches to how they do
business, Karlgaard said.

“The ones that are doing the right stuff now will prevail, and the ones that act defensively will not,” he
explained. Here’s some of the “right stuff” that you can do to prepare for future success, according to

1. Great design, whether it’s in retail spaces or on Web sites, can simplify systems
2. Speed, entails being in the right place at the right time with the right services
3. Intelligence, which means coming across as the smartest, most capable provider
4. Engagement, participating in conversations and, just as important, listening
5. Internal communication, set yourself up as a high-performing organization
6. External communication, organize people who support you on their own
7. Brand, three-dimensional that fulfills promises at every touch-point
8. Purpose, it provides a strong moral foundation under everything you do

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