Friday, January 7, 2011

Your Voice: Hinderance or Charisma and Enthusiasm? -

Successful people aren’t just lucky. They are charismatic. We most definitely can increase our ability to influence and motivate others by developing our charisma. It’s within us: energy, confidence etc. just waiting to be developed.

We can study, absorb, practice and master these skills; we can greatly improve our charisma and be all we’ve always wanted to be: assured, commanding, stimulating, energetic, go ahead and add a little pep in your step to increase sales.

Sales are based on transferring a positive, good, trustworthy feeling to others; without enthusiasm in your voice, there can be no real transference of any feeling, hence no sale. Enthusiasm is created in a number of ways and you can test yourself by realizing how you answer a simple: “how are you doing?”

You can also use words that actually “require” you to be enthusiastic:
• Great, fantastic, awesome, wow
• Magnificent, amazing, tremendous
• Unbelievable, wonderful, excellent

These words will make you sound enthusiastic and are hard to say with any conviction unless you are up to it. If you are not naturally enthusiastic, then you must focus on it and practice on it. If you act enthusiastic you will become enthusiastic!

It’s time to face a topic that may feel uncomfortable at first but it is so needed. In a time where face-to-face meetings are becoming less popular and more business is conducted by phone don’t let your voice hinder your success.

While we cannot change our voices, we can in fact train them; it’s a tool that can give you new business but can also cost business you thought you had. Laura Lake has five factors when it comes to having a successful voice:

Your tone
What does the tone of your voice sound like? Does it reflect confidence? Strength? Assurance?
Does your tone reflect fear? Be honest with yourself and work on your tone; when you call someone it’s show-time and you must sound believable.

Grab a close friend, co-worker or sign up for “Boot Camp” at RE/MAX Showcase for their honest opinion. It’s very important to find someone who will give you a true assessment. Listen to their criticism and make the necessary adjustments.

Voice inflection
When speaking and thinking about key points you want to bring out, be sure the inflections in your voice do just that. Inflection alone can change the meaning of a sentence either way.

Delivery Practice
Practice, practice. The delivery of your message when training your voice is key; don’t be afraid to rehearse a pitch/proposal or even just a phone call. You won’t always have to do this, just long enough to where a good delivery is natural and you can find confidence.

What do you sound like? Have you ever really listened to your voice? For example, when you record your outgoing voice mail message what do others hear? A smile? Joy? Don’t be afraid to use a tape recorder as you train your voice…hear what they hear!

Similar to tone but different, the energy in your voice allows people to feel like they are in the room with you. Does your energy make them want to be in a room with you? Check it out! Breathe, think about what you are going to say and fill it out with the right energy for the moment.

Most often the voice can be trained by just becoming aware of it; sometimes it may take a voice coach or some kind of outside help for whatever you may struggle with. If you assess that your voice may be hindering your success, then it’s time for you to take it to the next step.

Are you time blocking?
The vast majority of Realtors and other professionals have heard of time blocking as a form of improving their efficiency in their business, the problem is that few of them have really mastered the use of timeblocking. What is it? It’s the increase in the amount of time invested into direct income producing activities.

Most professionals associate time blocking with prioritization and the same mistakes are repeated,thus preventing improvements. Let’s attack the issue of time management from the right

• Create a schedule of similarity to raise the probability of success, build it to be a carbon
copy of each day. It’s all about repetition.
• Don’t get sucked into interruptions just because you are so available; stay focused and limit your availability to pre-designated times. A real winner will minimize distractions
by being booked.
• We are the most interrupted professionals in the world; we can’t allow the phone, email, other Agents, clients and other things to become distractions from us fulfilling our objectives. When you need to focus, turn it all off!
• Through time blocking you can drive prospects into your appointment book; that’s
exactly what our doctors, attorneys or accountants do. Why not us?

Total access does not equate to a higher level of customer service, it only means we don’t control our time. There is a direct connection between time blocking and income.

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